Oscar Deco, Inc. is a family owned and run company. We operate with a total of four employees, all family members, who serve different and vital functions here at the shop; each of whom is invested in what they do with both heart and mind. That being said, we all guarantee your work will be given treatment accordingly: work is completed with diligence, attention is given to detail, and, most importantly, customer requests are carried out the best that our hearts and minds can muster.

When you decide to use Oscar Deco, Inc. to restore, rework, upholster, polish, or create you aren’t merely giving us work, you are handing us the craft of another and something you thought worth investing in. For that reason our family will regard it as such and attend to it with nothing less than familial responsibility.

We’d be happy to provide a cost estimate by evaluating photos of the project. Please provide us your contact information and upload photos and we will reply by email or phone as soon as possible.