Caning: Machine and Hand

At first glance all caning chairs may seem exactly the same, but we will teach you to distinguish between machine caning and hand canning so you can make future purchases with this distinction in mind. Each requires specific care, and can only be restored in specific ways. If your canning is old, torn or perhaps not taught enough, we will gladly fix that for you. Staining or coloring is also a possibility.


Carving and ornamenting wood is work we truly enjoy. It requires reading the wood and working with it in a dynamic way as to not demand more from it than it can give. The time taken to notice and interpret those fine subtleties and harmonize them with your desires is an exciting task. We do primarily woodcarving, typically on new wood as opposed to constructed pieces.

Custom-made curtains and lampshades

We dislike feeling constrained by what is available on the market, which is why we strive to custom-make as much as we can. We offer a fabric service that will ensure the originality of your home: designing and making curtains and lampshades.

Custom-made furniture

If you’ve ever had a dream kitchen but couldn’t find the pieces you imagined in stores, then search no further. We have made many custom kitchens, of differing artistic styles. We can also construct other kinds of custom furniture. Simply tell us what you need, and we will tell you if we can build it. Novel projects are always welcome!

Marble maintenance

Although marble is a beautiful and resilient material, like all things, it eventually gives in to the wear and tear of everyday use. We can help bring the marble back to its original luster, and ensure that future damage is not as frequent. By using state of the art marble treatment techniques your marble will look like a natural mirror, almost diamond-like. This is a process. Marble requires maintenance, which is why it is a treatment.

Rattan: Natural or Synthetic fiber

Rattan making is a beautiful artistry, and yields a remarkably different kind of look than canning. Usually it is used as seating material for chairs, and looks like fluffy twine wound together many times to create a single strand which is then tied around the chair until its stable enough to sit on. Although it’s strong, it eventually gives in to use. We can remedy the fibers and color them, be they natural or synthetic, and we will show you how to note the differences between the two.


If you’re like most people we know, dawning a new article of clothing evokes a feeling of newness and freshness. Much like wearing a new article of clothing, upholstering of a piece of furniture produces a feeling of newness and freshness in the space it lives. We replace old fabric with young and NEVER put it over the old fabric.

Wood maintenance: Wood floor-polishing, panels, basically any wood product we can leave looking like new

Given time, and especially use, wood begins to gray and the color, sheen, and smoothness wane. We can restore the wood and maintain its appearance by frequently giving the wood what it lacks in its new home. Be it wooden panels, a wooden floor, or a wooden ceiling, we can treat them all.

Wood restoration

Wood is our specialty and we pride ourselves on our ability to preserve the integrity of every piece, both the craftsmanship and the inherent integrity of the natural material used for its construction. Depending on the kind of wood, different approaches must be taken to give your piece the look you seek: refinishing; refurbishing; glosses or sheens; re-gluing to restore structural integrity; and the repair of broken parts, especially if it involves chips, chunks or whole sections missing are all, but not every, option you have.